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Hearing Test


At P&A Morgan Opticians we check your eyes and now we can check your ears too!


We understand that your hearing is just as important as your vision, so we offer a fully comprehensive hearing service that includes complimentary hearing tests, tinnitus management, ear wax removal, hearing health advice and devices. If you, or someone that you know, is experiencing hearing difficulties, do not hesitate to contact our friendly Audiologist for advice. 


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Matthew Kearon-Warrilow - Audiologist

Matthew Kearon-Warrilow 

Matt has been qualified as an Audiologist since 2013, after studying at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. He has worked in both the private and NHS sectors during this time, and is also qualified in wax removal via microsuction.

Matt likes spending time getting to know his patients well, in order to ensure they are provided with the right care, and the most suitable hearing instruments and solutions to help improve their everyday life. Helping patients hear better in situations specific to them is the most satisfying part of his job.  


In his spare time, Matt plays bass guitar in a band and was proud to release an album a couple of years ago. He also enjoys spending time and traveling with his young family and their dog Pinto. When he’s not busy, Matt will happily sit and watch any sport on TV for hours, especially cricket!


Do you find yourself finding it more difficult to hear conversations with friends and family? Or needing to turn up the volume on the television? Perhaps you may want to consider a free hearing check with our Audiologist.

Our hearing care specialist will assess every detail of your hearing concerns and requirements and offer friendly and professional advice to suit your needs, whether a tailored hearing loss solution or hearing protection.


We can provide hearing devices with the latest technology, along with a full aftercare service to ensure you and your hearing aids are continually looked after.

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Hearing care leaflets at Morgan Opticians
Ear Wax
Removal Service

Are your ears feeling blocked? Do you suffer with ear pain or ringing in the ears?


Ear wax removal can alleviate these symptoms!


Our ear wax removal service uses the safest methods of ear wax removal. We offer both the more traditional method of ear irrigation and the latest and safest method of microsuction ear wax removal.


Hearing devices are designed to work in tandem with your ears to improve your hearing and sometimes they require fine-tuning.


Our aftercare service is designed to make sure your device is functioning correctly, equipped to deal with your hearing loss and is fitted correctly and comfortably.


We specifically design our appointments in flexible time slots so if you are having any difficulty with your device or need any device you’ll have plenty of time to talk about it with our audiologist. 

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