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Investing In Employees’ Eye Care Isn’t Just A Nice Perk...

...It’s Also
A Shrewd Business Decision

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of office workers have to struggle with poor vision before they even lift a finger at work. 

Those affected are as tired by lunch time as they should be by bedtime. When working for prolonged periods on a VDU many people will experience problems our optometrist can help with. These may include tired, uncomfortable/itchy eyes, blurred vision, headaches or migraines.

Struggling to overcome poorly corrected vision is a tiring business and costs companies dearly in reduced productivity, Workplace Fatigue and loss of working hours. In many cases, your employees’ productivity can be improved by good advice on dry eyes (and suitable drops) and correct positioning of the screen to make it visually comfortable.

Statistics show that only 10% of VDU users will require 
a spectacle prescription for use specifically with the VDU. You are, as their employer, obliged by law to pay for these. You are not obliged by law to pay for their everyday spectacles, which they need for other tasks such as reading or driving, although some employers do choose to contribute as an employee benefit. Remember, by examining the eyes with our state-of-the-art equipment, we can often detect eye or general health problems before the employee even notices any symptoms.

Eye examinations can give early warnings for serious conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and brain clots which means you’re not only protecting your employees’ eyesight but also providing a valuable health benefit.

This allows treatment to take place at an early stage and prevents you losing members of your staff to poor vision or poor health.

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About Corporate Eyecare


A wide range of measures have been introduced to improve the conditions for all employees who work with a VDU (visual display unit) for a significant part of their working day.


Health and Safety regulations oblige employers to provide eye examinations and spectacles to certain sections of the workforce.

At the heart of our offering, we conduct one of the most thorough and high-tech sight tests available

Each eye examination lasts approximately 30 minutes, giving our optometrist sufficient time to carry out all the necessary tests with due care and diligence - though the duration and content of the examination may vary according to the patient’s needs.

Here are some of the techniques employed during the sight test:

Discussion of your history and symptoms

First, you will be asked a series of questions that will help the optometrist build up a picture of you, your problem if you have one, and your requirements.  


Assessment of your spectacles


If you currently wear spectacles, these will be checked along with your prescription. You will be asked to describe how well you can see in different conditions, for example at a fixed distance such as driving or reading. 

Refraction test
Our optometrist will then carry out a series of tests to determine if a prescription is required and, if so, which lenses give you the clearest vision. These tests cover your near vision, distance vision and any intermediate distances that may be required for your job i.e. VDU work or hobbies.


Slit-lamp Biomicroscopy
This is a detailed investigation
of the health of your eyes, inside and out, with a microscope.
It enables the optometrist to detect problems like cataracts, hypertension, diabetes, and glaucoma before you have noticed them yourself.


Intra-ocular pressure test
This test measures the internal pressure of the eye and is usually carried out on people over 40, who are at increased risk of glaucoma – a disease which, if left untreated, leads to nerve fibre damage and eventually tunnel-vision. If necessary your field of vision can be measured as well.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging test that uses light waves to take cross-section pictures of your retina. With OCT, each of the retina’s distinctive layers can be seen, allowing your optometrist to map and measure their thickness. These measurements can help with the early detection and intervention of ocular disease.


Optomap is a state-of-the-art wide-angle retinal imaging system which helps to spot early signs of eye disease before traditional methods are able to. Capturing up to 82% of the back of the eye, in comparison to a standard 15%, makes it the leading technology in retinal imaging.


Visual Fields
Visual field tests are used to detect blind spots (scotomas) by measuring the full horizontal and vertical range and sensitivity of your vision. The size and shape of a scotoma offer important clues about the presence and severity diseases of the eye, optic nerve and visual structures in the brain.

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Option 1

How Our Corporate Eyecare Offering Works

Depending on how your organisation operates there are several ways this relationship can work. 

Essentially, we will be as flexible as possible and will work with you to find the best possible solution to accommodate all your business needs. 

Option 1

The DSE Package This package allows your employees to choose from a pre-selected range of spectacles. The eye examination is covered by you, the employer, as would be the basic spectacle package. Any upgrades are at the employee’s own expense but would benefit from massive discounts of up to 50% off our usual RRP. For employers, this package allows you to satisfy your basic DSE requirements, whilst guaranteeing your employees are receiving exceptional prices for anything above and beyond the basic DSE package spectacles. Basic Package

Basic Package

+    Eye Examination:

£25 (including OCT***)


+    Basic DSE frame


+    Uncoated s/v lenses:£30.00 (this is the same if they will provide distance or reading specs for their employees).

***Where OCT is available in practice

Upgrade Bolt-Ons 

Spectacle Lens Treatments 

+ Reflection-Free Treatment:

    + £15


+ Transitions: Not included within the Corporate agreement however we offer a 20% discount instead.

A reflection-free treatment is ideal for people working on computers. It helps to reduce the amount of glare caused by the computer screen and in doing so helps to reduce a multitude of ‘asthenopic’ symptoms such as eye strain and headaches.


Single Vision Lenses

+ Thin & Light* 1.6: +£40

+ Thin & Light* 1.67: +£60

+ Thin & Light* 1.74: +£80


*Thin & Light lenses include a reflection-free treatment. Thin and light lenses do exactly what it says on the tin. For those higher prescriptions it takes a lot of the weight and thickness out of the lens, giving a much thinner and lighter pair of spectacles.

Bifocals + £60**

Bifocals are essentially two lenses in one. Typically bifocals have a distance correction in the top section of the lens and a reading prescription in the bottom section although we can make them to give a computer prescription at the top and a reading prescription at the bottom of the lens.


Office Lenses + £80**

Designed specifically for people working on computers who have several different working distances to accommodate for. They give a longer working distance towards the top of the lens (ideal for computer work) and a shorter working distance at the bottom of the lens for closer visual tasks such as working on a tablet or mobile phone.


+ Premium: +£100**

+ Elite: +£130**


All lenses include a Smart MAR other than the bifocal which would be a standard MAR

Varifocals, or any-distance lenses, are the next best thing to ‘natural vision’ of all the spectacle lenses. They will correct far, middle and close distance for the user. We would then provide you with a detailed invoice at the end of each calendar month for payment within an agreed timeframe.


with our team for more details

Option 2

Option 2

The Employee Discount Package


This option is ideal for those employees that choose to move away from the DSE range of spectacles. It allows the employee to choose from a much wider range of frames whilst receiving a massive 20% discount off any spectacle purchase.


The eye examination is still covered by you, the employer, however all other costs are at the employees own expense. For those employees that are entitled to claim some of this cost back we will provide them with a fully itemised receipt.


A detailed invoice would then be sent to you at the end of every month.

Option 3

The Eye Care Voucher Package


The employer pre-purchases Eye Care Vouchers from us at a heavily discounted rate and distributes them to their employees as appropriate.


The employee then uses these vouchers in practice towards the cost of their eye examination and spectacles. Any outstanding balance is then the employee’s responsibility. Eye examinations are charged at the agreed DSE examination rate (see Option 1).


For every £1 pre-purchased you will receive £1.25 worth of Eye Care Vouchers. Pre-purchasing ensures maximum value for money for the employer. This option ensures value for money for those employers wishing to provide more than just the basic DSE requirements for their employees. Employees benefit from increased allowance above that of the DSE regulations.

Option 4

The Eye Care Voucher Package


This package is similar to the Eye Care Voucher Package but without the need for the employer to pre-purchase Eye Care Vouchers. For every £1 allowance you as the employer give your employee to spend on the eye examination and eyewear, we will top that up to  £1.20.


Any costs above and beyond their allowance will be covered by the employee. Eye examinations are charged at the agreed DSE examination rate (see Option 1).


This option ensures value for money for those employers wishing to provide more than just the basic DSE requirements for their employees, without the up-front commitment of the Eye Care Voucher Package. Employees benefit from increased allowance above that of the DSE regulations.


All we would need to see is proof of the individual employee’s entitlement allowance.

Option 5

The Bespoke Package


We will work with your organisation to formulate a package that works for you and your employees’ needs.

How to join...

Please complete the form included and return to us by email or post. Once we have received your application form, we will get in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss what options are best suited to your organisation. Once this is agreed, your account can be up and running in as little as 5 days. Having carried out in-depth consultation exercises at many diverse working environments, our solution can ensure compliance with DSE regulations whilst maximising customer satisfaction and value for money.

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